3 rules to gain our boss endorsement

Quite commonly people use to set new targets for the incoming new year. Most of these objectives, although desired, got lost or won’t be achieved due to several factors.

One of the most common error is to provide us with too many objectives, enabling some dispersion of focus and energy. If we sum this to the “day by day” here we go with a high probability not to accomplish any.

Should we already have the list, should we look for inspirations or should we start in a good way this forward look, I invite you to think how much a good partnership with our boss enables our success in these achievements.

Here below there are three simple rules which will boost your career through a better partnership with your boss.

Rule #1:
Speak about problems ONLY to propose solutions
This looks easy but we fail quite frequently. Let’s just think about the wider responsibilities our boss has compared to us, he/she’ll not be happy to receive new problems from you, who actually is supposed to help out, not to increase the list of the issues. Moreover, since the boss are not us, there is just one right way to deal with problems: solving them.
Please don’t give credit to any of your possible thoughts like “yeah but he/she is a bad boss….” or “this organisation does not deserve…..”

We have to understand that the quicker we will stop problems to climb up our hierarchy, the better will be for us at first, both should we think about our career, and should we just look for a way to improve our day by day.

Problems have to be raised to the surface, that’s true, and this must be followed by the proposal for a solution. Explaining the problem to the boss is instrumental to make him/here aware of its importance and maximise the probability to obtain resources to fix it.
What about if the boss is not willing to help out? and what about if the boss doesn’t pay attention to it? and if seems he/she is going against us for no apparent reasons?

In these cases, as well as in others, the best approach we should have remains the same. What do we think could go worst, anyway? If this doesn’t change the boss’ approach we will remain still, but if it just changes into a more proactive approach then will be easier for us to succeed.
Let’s give to our boss this chance.
Bosses love to speak about solved problems.

Whenever we will be able to build a good partnership with him/her, when there will be a growth this may be reflected also to us. And in case you don’t like him/her and there are career moves which don’t impact yourselft? maybe is the time for you to gain some distance from him/her. Isn’t it worth?

Rule #2: 
Make those things happening.
Whether or not this depends from our proposals, let’s get used to make what the boss asks happening. One of the most important frustrations for our bosses is to ask for actionable items and then to observe that nothing happens.
Sometimes this is due to lazyness, sometimes new obstacles appear, some other times we do not have the clear comprehension of what the target to achieve is.

Despite this, every time we are asked to make seomething, better we take care of understanding what is the ultimate purpose of doing that, so let’s ask for additional details. Until we don’t fully understand the purpose of an action we will be introuble as soon as a deviation appears and we do have to proceed by relying on our personal judgement.

If we don’t know the ultimate goal how can we apply the most effective judgement to achieve the desired result? The risk to end up in saying “this is what I have been asked to do” without having actually done everything, doesn’t help out our boss, neither our career.

Rule #3: 
Don’t pander to him/her.
I don’t know if you already thought “well, these tips are going to make me a panderer” as I don’t know whether or not these tips may be useful to your friends and colleague.

I’m sure someone may think this is like pandering to the boss. Well, it is not.
It is not because we are performing actionable tasks we have been charged of. The fact we deliver exceptional result does not mean we are pandering to someone.
Panderers maybe are not eliminated by bosses because these individuals are a good self-esteem feedback. What is sure is that these are not the people our bosses would like to be surrounded by in case of an emergency of fire, jsut to give an example.

Bosses love fresh news, positive or negatives count less than being late in providing them. In case the new is negative it is important we provide also ideas on how to face it.
Should we do not shut down in our boss the hope in finding solutions, it will not shut down in ourselves the advantage of having a fully satisfactory job, to keep us alive with our eyes pointed to the future.

And if at this point you still do not believe this is worth? well, try anyway. For sure in doing this there are less risks than standing still complaining and waiting for something which hardly will come by its own.

Let’s do this at least for our customers. As Sam Walton said: ”There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

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