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The Last Mile

The last Mile is a common expression in the telecommunication world which refers to the cable that connects every singe user with the entire network. This is something every manager should be thinking about. The last mile, in some countries, is charged to the final user who is actually getting connected to the network. Despite […]

3 rules to gain our boss endorsement

Quite commonly people use to set new targets for the incoming new year. Most of these objectives, although desired, got lost or won’t be achieved due to several factors. One of the most common error is to provide us with too many objectives, enabling some dispersion of focus and energy. If we sum this to […]

“It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem.” Gilbert K. Chesterton

A lot of discussions have been already held about inventory levels and suppliers On Time Deliveries, which are those Working Capital related factors upon the Finance Administrations are normally focusing their attention within the Companies. The Lean approach does not limit itself on those factors, infact brings to the surface at least two more advantages, […]

“Well done is better than well said”. Benjamin Franklin

A lot of companies think about their customers before thinking at themselves. Let me rephrase, a lot of companies declare they have the customers in their minds; Nevertheless, a reliable number of how many of those maintain a customer oriented behaviour is practically impossible to calculate. They are not that much. This difference is definitively not countless, moreover it require a […]

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