“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford

Did you ever sent an email forgetting the attachment?


What a frustration, and what a race against time in trying to recall the email.

Would you like to have the computer warning yourself just before sending that email which accidentally doesn’t contain the attachment, so you can avoid the issue?


Well, the solution already exists, and it is also a Poka Yoke (Distraction Proof) solution.

On the market there are email providers (i.e.Gmail ) who already implemented a functionality which monitors the text of the written email looking for words starting with “Attach…” or “file”, and in case they find one, in case the attachment is missing, they warn the user.

Obviously it is possibile to have false positive warnings, anyway I personally prefer to be warned one time more than making the mistake. Also in this case it is better to have an effective working system instead of complaining about the missing perfect system that has not yet been invented.

Would you be happy to have this Alert implemented also on your Outlook client?

If you thought “yes” then you can check the following link to learn how to activate it.


It is very curious to see that Google has implemented such feature on Gmail which is a free system for any user, without ever saying or thinking “who gives a crap, the service is already free, so nobody can complain about a missing “nice to have” feature.

In the same time Microsoft, which get paid from users, has not yet reached such awareness and is losing the opportunity to provide the users with such (cheap but effective) functionality.

Different strategies, a different customer orientation, a different utilisation of ideas and a different execution.

Anticipating the market requirements can be challenging, as challenging was in the early 900 to sell the vision that the people should have been transformed from horse riders to car drivers.

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