“It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Abraham Harold Maslow

Since long time there are discussions about videogames, trying to understand how much they are able to change the individual’s behaviours which interact too much with them. The result is proven to be an increased difficulty in distincting between fiction and reality, which ultimately may lead to behavioural issues.
Later on, the time for the social-life-at-whatever-price has come, so now we can share with everybody that being stopped in a traffic jam is painful and eating a very good pizza, the same other already eaten, deserves a post.

And now….. Now are we maybe going over the limit?

I hear more and more people in the business that are asking for an “app” for executing whatever task, without asking themselves if the “app” is supposed to add value in raising the quality of the output or speeding up the execution.
It looks like the modern version of a “tool-at-whatever-cost”, the same which in Mickey Mouse cartoons is called ”Mousekatool”, hoping that our childrens don’t fall into the same mistake of believing that the solution every time lies into a tool or an “app”.
Looks like, and by looking around the confirmation can be easily found, that also adults have fallen into this distortion.
The problem is when the use of the tool-at-whatever-cost is far more important than having the right tool available in case we need it. So we may see people using wrong tools to perform activities they have no clue how are supposed to be performed, sure they are doing the right thing just because they are using the tool. This is like saying that the planning has been well done because we used the MRP or Microsoft Project, that a text is well written because the Word corrector has been activated, that a communication is well done because an email has been sent, or that a news deserves trust because has been found in the internet, or again, that a calculation is correct because we were using the pocket calculator or an Excel spreadsheet. I’m sadly thinking back to the first age of PC in public offices when we used to be told that everything could have been true because “the computer said that”.
Surrounded as we are by app-equipped and Mousekatool-equipped people, I would prefer to have more brain-equipped around me, people who ask themselves what has to be done and how to get a good output, rather than individuals that just because they got the tool they couldn’t have done the job any better (I also have the Gannt chart, better than this the project couldn’t have been done).
The feeling at this point is that a lot of us believe that everything can be done just by having an app, like treating everything as nails for whom with an hammer in their hand.
I’m curious to read about scenarios in which you observer this distortion between “app” or “Mousekatool” and the reality.

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