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Privacy Policy for site’s visitors

This Privacy Policy describes the way the data are managed in this web site, with specific reference to the personal data treatment accordingly to Italian Law 196/03 item 13 for whoever connects to the web site and benefits from the site’s services through the following URLs, and The policy applies only to the mentioned URLs and not for other sites that may be accessed via links that point to external resources. Applied Problem Solving – APS – guarantees the respect of the law in terms of personal data treatment.

The visitors of the site must read carefully the Privacy Policy before sending any kind of personal data to the web site server or filling into any online form.

Tipe of data treated:

1) Site surfing data: the IT systems and the software procedures require few personal data to function properly and to exchange correct information via the Internet communication protocols. These informations are linked to personal interests and for their nature can be elaborated to identify the users. In this category there are IP addresses, domain names of computers used by who access the web site, addresses in URI format, time of request, method to submit the server requests, dimension of the downloaded files, numeric code of the server answer (error, ok, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and informatic environment of the user. These data are used only to perform anonimous statistical analysis and to garantee the site continuoe to function properly, and are eliminated immediately after the statistical analysis. The data may be used to verify the responsibilities in case of informatic attacks with the aim of damaging the site.

2) Voluntary provided data. In case of voluntary provided data to access services or requests via email, this implies the acquisitions of data by APS related to the email address of the sender and the content of the message that will be collected with the only purpose of providing the service or the informations required. Personal data of the visitors will be communicated to third party only in case the service requested will need this.

3) Cookies. There are no Cookies that will transmit informations on personal data or surfing behaviours. No persinstent Cookies are in use. The use of session cookies guarantees that there is persistance of cookies on the host’s computer and is limited to the trasmission of the sessions identification codes, made up by random numbers necessary to ensure the web site navigation.

Personal data treatment. Automatic systems are in use to track personal data for the time strictly needed to permit the site to perform its own functions properly. Specific safety measures are in place to prevent the losses of personal data and the misuse of them by unhautorized subjects. It is faculty of the user to provide data except for those related to the site surfing. Avoiding to provide personal data may only result in the unability to provide services and informations to the final users.

Personal data location. The hosting company stores the data on their servers and treats and maintain the data using qualified professionals. No data will be trasmitted to third parties if non strictly related to the scope of the service or the request.

User’s rights. The persons who are proprietary of the provided data can in every moment request the confirmation if personal data are stored, the content and from which source have been acquired. Users may ask to have those data updated or eliminated freely.  (item. 7 of law 196/03). Data may be transformed into anonimous data or may be excloded by any future treatment if they whish.

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