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Feedback on our Courses:

Here you can find what the people say about us:

  • “effective and with practical examples” Sourcing, Italy
  • “excellent quality in the content and the program” Production, Italy
  • “excellent training, adheres to the expectations” Demand Manager, Italy
  • “I have enjoyed the practical and applied approach” Controlling, Italy
  • “it helps in introducing an effective method in the day by day job” Project Manager, Italy
  • “clear and light trainer” Finance, Italy
  • “excellent alternance between theory and exercises” Purchasing, Italy
  • “to be enlarged to all the IT members and, possible, to all the people we work with” IT, Italy
  • “dynamic and clear training, challenging” Planning, Italy
  • “it was the first time that the level of attention remained until the end” IT specialist, Italy
  • “good and competent trainer” Quality, Italy
  • “good, enjoyable” Finance, United Kingdom
  • “culture deployment, excellent job, thank you” Managing Director, United Kingdom
  • “enjoyable and informative, well paced” HR, United Kingdom
  • “happy about good and relevant examples to help understanding” Quality, United Kingdom

Feedback on the Book:

The following list of reviews, translated from Amazon and Google Play, contains what the readers said about Ivan Fantin’s book “Applied Problem Solving”:

Excellent Reading, June 30, 2014
Simple, clear, positive, so also effective! Suggested for those don’t want just to play with coloured charts, but want to fix problems for real (not only at work).

Fixing problem is now easier, August 4, 2013
Both if you are a problem solver or you may just want to fix a specific one, you have to trust this book.
It treats a methodology which collects different tools, maybe already known to the experts, and show how to have them applied to the problem solving process.
Applied for real.
The big difference is that also who is not used to this approach will acquire an effective toolbox, simple and easy, to identify and provide solutions to the problems, at work or at home.
Easy and fast to read, at the end you will find yourself willing to starting immediately on a real problem.
This book is for everyone, to read or to store for future reference, like a user manual!

Very good and clear, December 28, 2013
Great introduction to problem solving … simple and intuitive … maybe a little too much on the problems related to the author’s experience in industrial production, but with a bit of experience it all turns easily on any other scope problem solving.

Easy, comprehensive and interesting.
Immediately after a few pages you will be fully involved into this very useful book that manages to combine in a never forced way the theory and the practice. It’s a bit ‘like to listening to a friend who tells interesting things, without ever becoming heavy or difficult to follow, with the added bonus that inside you know very well that will come in handy. Great as a gift for our own.

Great, January 6, 2014
I waited a few months after reading the book because I preferred to review this book after having the indications tested practically, and I must say that the book is an excellent tool for solving problems. I put into practice the tips and the method (which goes beyond the classic PROBLEM SOLVING) and I must say that I got very good results.
Congratulations to the author!
Keep it up!

Really useful and interesting …, August 2, 2013
This book takes the reader by the hand and helps him to cross “the street” of the problem, with due care but without getting lost in fancy or into unnecessary words.
It must be underlined that in this book we really perceive the importance of taking action without stopping to theoretical hypotheses and possible solutions; there are already too many theoretical methods, is byt putting into practice that makes the difference, and in this book you can also work on your problems directly, so I feel that I will re-read it several times to further help to tackle new problems.
This aspect is the ambitious goal stated by the author; I think the book succeeds in providing the reader with a simple but effective mental model to take action as soon as possible, and select the most valid actions and controlling the execution.

To be taken into consideration for working and for every day life
To the heart of the problem, how to deal with the problem itself without creating unnecessary cumbersome theories. It is important to know how to combine the action to the theory, so the theory is not an end in itself and we avoid the risk to jump to solutions. This is the foundation that must be very clear from the outset. The risk is big. Starting in the wrong direction to find a solution to a problem that is not there or is not ours, wasting time and money and get back at the starting point. So, do not consider the theory as an end in itself, but learn from those which already had these issues.

Problem Solving, this stranger … but not for long, just long enough to put into practice the suggestions of this book, August 6, 2013
At a time in which the World markets are looking for actual answers to get out from the crisis, it is essential to enhance our ability to create value for our customers through innovative products and services targeted to excellence.
Every company is looking for their own way to achieve these goals, but it certainly will not happen unless they do not search within themselves and remove those inefficiencies and bureaucracy that often each of us finds in the newspaper.

And if the roads can be varied, I think that those who do not make use of simple and pragmatic, easily understood and widely shared, achievable methodologies without getting into long and complex re-engineering of the processes, will be likely to do not reach the expected results.

With this soul I approached the various known methods of problem solving, trying to understand their validity and their effective applcationy to business life, especially in the daily life of a transversal function as Information Systems (ICT-Information and Communication Technology) services company. Those methodologies have been presented both in the various publications that the process of formation of the main schools of management training.

After that I had the opportunity to meet Ivan, and I loved the practicality and the ability to capture the essence that is not derived from the chosen methodology, but from the awareness that “the theory illustrated by methods … it is not able to cancel the distance between the method and the person. “, so you have to “work on the applicability of the method, and” – what is even more crucial in my eyes -” to properly apply the problem-solving to become a person who makes things happening”.

The book covers in a clear and practical methodology (APS Applied Problem Solving), in all its phases, with plenty of examples, tips, and a tool to support (A3, derived from the popular methodology adopted at Toyota).

The book that Ivan published will try to answer the many questions that often have accompanied us when we were faced with a problem, and as Einstein said:
“Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. It’s in crisis that inventiveness is born, as well as discoveries made and big strategies. He who overcomes crisis, overcomes himself, without getting overcome.”(from “The World as I see it,” 1931).

Reading the book you will learn, through simple and clear examples, how to harness the APS methodology to not move towards the desired goal just by accident.
And if you – like me – will find yourself saying, page after page, that the suggestions given are precisely those practical and concise that we always wanted to have when faced with certain problems that we did not know exactly how to deal with, I am sure you will agree with me that Ivan did an excellent job.
I never looked for someone who would solve the problems for me, but I have someone who knows how to enrich an additional tool that allows me to deal with the problem of today and tomorrow.

These are personal messages which have been delivered to Ivan’s mailbox:

message from ######
I read your book “Applied Problem Solving”. I found it extremely clear and effective, at times almost heart-warming for people like me who has become convinced in recent years the power of some simple tools applied to the management of business issues (and not only)…. your books helps me to stay motivated because it say loud on each page that “it can be done”!

message from ######
Dear Dr. Fantin, during a personal journey of my studies and insights, I have found APS and today I also saw his post on linkedin.
I want to congratulate with you for the simplicity with which you have dealt with a subject as complex as the PROBLEM SOLVING (when it is structured and not used to feeling).

message from ######
Good day
I bought your book recently which I consider an excellent text regarding
problem solving methodologies, by fact is one of the best, simple and well
structured,… congratulations for this bestseller

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